Tandorio GMT Watches with Seiko NH34 Automatic Movement

Seiko movements have dominated the custom-made watch market for a decade. You can now upgrade your watch with the latest NH34 automatic movement. Fortunately, a great inventory of NH34 movements exists.And a Chinese famous watch brand Tandorio takes the advantage to craft beautiful watches combing NH34 movement with Chinese manufacture in order to offer most cost effective dive or pilot ,dress watches.

Tandorio has gone the extra mile to gain global attention with NH34 GMT movement models. These products have great attention to detail, fine structure and eye-catching design, making it worth purchasing. That’s why buyers, from resellers to individuals, are looking for the best products.

The fine GMT function is also unique. This model features a traditional date display, 24-hour hand, and a 24-hour rotating bezel. This allows the watch to be set in three different time zones, making it a perfect product for travelers, tourists, and businessmen. What is the GMT function?

The GMT feature is a complication on the watch that allows the wearer to track her two time zones simultaneously. The most common implementation of GMT functionality is a 24-hour bezel or inner ring that rotates to adjust to local time, allowing the wearer to easily read the time in different time zones.
The NH34 movement quickly became a popular choice for watch modification, especially among Seiko enthusiasts. The NH34 is a cheaper alternative to the famous Swiss ETA movement and offers many of the same features and benefits. As Seiko modification becomes more popular, the NH34 is becoming the first choice for many watch modification projects.

The NH34 is one of the most popular movements for watch modification. The reason for its popularity is its GMT function, which allows you to keep track of two time zones at the same time. Until now, the options for modifying Seiko watches were limited to his simple three-hand models. However, with the introduction of the NH34 movement, you can now customize your watch with GMT functionality.

Here is 5 Tandorio GMT Watches Collection

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