5 Tandorio Pilot Watches You Should Consider to Buy

Pilot watches, also known as aviation watches or aviator watches, have a rich history and distinct features that set them apart from other timepieces. Originally designed for pilots navigating the skies, these watches are characterized by their legibility, precision, and often incorporate features tailored to aviation needs. Tandorio is a renown new brand for high water resistance especially 200 meter diving pilot. Here are some key aspects of pilot watches:

  1. Large, Legible Dials: Pilot watches typically have large, easy-to-read dials with high-contrast numerals and markers. The emphasis on legibility is crucial for pilots who need to quickly glance at their watches during flight.
  2. Flieger Style: The traditional pilot watch design, often referred to as “Flieger” (German for “flyer”), originated in the early 20th century. Flieger watches usually feature a simple and clean dial layout with large, Arabic numerals and distinctive hands. The design prioritizes clarity and readability.
  3. Anti-Magnetic and Shock Resistance: Pilot watches are often designed to be resistant to magnetic fields and shocks, ensuring that they can withstand the electromagnetic environment of an aircraft cockpit and the potential vibrations during flight.
  4. High-Quality Movements: Pilot watches are often equipped with accurate and reliable movements. Some watchmakers use automatic movements, while others may opt for quartz movements, offering precise timekeeping without the need for winding.Tandorio usually deploys Seiko NH34,NH35 orNH36 etc series automatic movement and some outstanding China movement like famouse PT5000
  5. Lume for Night Visibility: To enhance readability in low-light conditions, pilot watches typically incorporate luminescent material on hands and markers. This feature is crucial for pilots who may need to read their watches in the dark cockpit environment.

Here are the Toppicks for Tandorio Pilot Watches,accurate, durable and most cost effective

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