Upon purchase of your watch, you are automatically entered into our 2-Year international Warranty if only your watch was purchased on


If your watch experiences a mechanical failure within 2 years of receiving it, we will gladly service it at no cost to you, as long as it was serviced by us before this anniversary . The Global Two-YEAR Limited Warranty guarantees that your products are free from material and workmanship defects for a period of two years from the original purchase date. If any material or workmanship defect is found during this warranty period, it will be repaired or replaced with the same or equivalent model at no additional cost to you, at our discretion.Below is a list of issues not covered by warranty.

This warranty does not cover: Material and workmanship defects in batteries, cases, screens/crystals, straps or bracelets, including plating on cases and/or bracelets Damage caused by improper handling, carelessness, accidents, ordinary wear and tear, or aging Water damage if care instructions (as indicated on the product) for the product’s water resistance levels were not followed Products that are not sold from an authorized retailer Warranty voids in the event of: · Damage caused by accident, negligence (other than on the watch’s part), unauthorized service, or any other factors other than material and workmanship defects (other than those specified in the manufacturer’s terms and conditions of this warranty). · If the serial number, product date codes, or other tracking marks are removed, altered, or obliterated, this warranty is void. Please see your warranty booklet for more information.


In order to qualify for this warranty, the engraved Serial Number must be clearly legible, and no portion of the original Case Back or original Serial Number may have been altered, altered, replaced, removed, erased, or rendered unreadable.


You can email your warranty issues to or whatsapp to +8613923651752